Notes Education and Social Sciences*


  • Sharif al Mujahid


All said and done, Education is the key variable in every one’s life. It’s the most fundamental variable which determines success or failure. In it you are involved from cradle to grave – whether consciously or unconsciously. To it you resort, whether you profess it or not, to widen your horizon, to make your approach more holistic, to facilitate your flights of imagination, to foresee the trajectory of events and developments, and to help you to straighten the curves in your ongoing life. In a word, education helps you to develop an enquiring mind, and once you cross this threshold you are in a position to differentiate between the intellectual world and the personal world. And that differentiation not only promotes, signifies, and indexes progress but is also the dire need of a civil society to flourish and enable it to pick and choose the most viable solution among those available for tracking and tackling social issues. Equally important, Education is not severely confined to the applied science subjects, but also includes the Social Sciences which also comprise the Arts and the Languages. Broadly