Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cultural Diplomacy and Public Sector of Pakistan


  • Jam Bilal Ahmad former Research Fellow at University of Chicago, USA
  • Malik Akhtar Hussain Assistant Professor at Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, Pakistan.


Artificial intelligence, cultural heritage, health, education, digital transformation, ethical future


In this digital age, Pakistan can create a progressive and positive image by utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration presents an opportunity to digitalize various fields, spur innovation, and advance Pakistan's sustainable development. Pakistan, like many emerging nations, has a number of issues that impede its development into a strong and sustainable state. However, there is a chance to use the rapid technological breakthroughs, notably in AI, to get around these challenges. By analyzing case studies, different startups and wide scholarly exploration, this article examines the likely interventions of AI in public sector such as cultural diplomacy, healthcare, education, governance, technology transfer, and economic development. Pakistan can reconstruct its infrastructure, enhance service delivery, and eventually become a technology-driven country by implementing ethically informed AI-driven solutions.