Tribute Nawab Mushtaq Ahmad Khan 1903-2005


  • Syed Munir Wasti


The name of Nawab Mushtaq may not be known to many of the educated adults of today but in his prime he was a most versatile personality who rendered tremendous services to Pakistan right from its inception. Nawab Mushtaq was descended from the Lodhi branch of Pakhtuns who had long settled in Jullundhar [East Punjab – now in India]. His father, Fakhruddin Ahmad attracted the notice of the Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan, ruler of Hyderabad Deccan a state which was of the size of France. By virtue of his abilities and talent, Fakhruddin Ahmad rose to become the Finance Minister of Hyderabad Deccan with the title, Fakhr Yar Jung. When he was Finance Minister in Hyderabad, a child was born to him who was given the name Mushtaq Ahmad Khan. This was in 1903.