The Socio-Economic Implications of Decline in Artisanal Fishing and its Effect on Women: A Case Study of Shams Pir Island, Karachi


  • Erum Muzaffar


Artisanal fishing is carried out in the coastal villages of Karachi. Through centuries, these fishing villages have maintained their traditional practices of fishing. Shams Pir Island is in vicinity of Karachi coast. The main occupation of islanders is artisanal fishing which is extremely threatened by various factors. Historically, in coastal communities of Karachi, women were part of fishing and its related activities. With the decline in traditional fishing methods, females have been withdrawn from fishing work. Implications of this process have been drastic for fishing households such as increased poverty, unemployment, environmental degradation etc. The research is conducted to highlight these problems especially from gender perspective. It is exclusively based on females of Shams Pir Island. Female’s socio-economic conditions, family status, perceptions on different contemporary issues pertaining to the endangered livelihood of their family and its relation with environmental changes is investigated in particular. In total, sixty women representing fishing households, few community leaders and representatives of fisher folk’s NGO were interviewed. The results emphasized the livelihood issues of females and their perceptions on environment and climate change. The vulnerabilities of females in fishing communities have been discussed in detail. ______