The Post 2014 Indo-Afghan Nexus: Implications for Pakistan


  • Taimoor Mughal MS Scholar, Department of International Relations, BUITEMS.
  • Prof. Dr Aurangzaib Alamgir Department of International Relations, BUITEMS.
  • Sami-ul-Haq Department of Social Sciences, BUITEMS.


Cold Start Doctrine, CPEC, India, Taliban


The paper provides with an analysis of the post-2014 Indo-Afghan nexus and its implications on Pakistan. In doing so, it investigates India’s engagement in the internal & external affairs of Pakistan; it’s Cold Start Doctrine, and ultimately Pakistan’s response to the said events. In addition, the paper also analyses India’s role in CPEC, its huge investment in Iran and Afghanistan, and its overall foreign policy in the region with particular reference to Pakistan. Furthermore, the paper comes up with some policy recommendations as to what measures should Pakistan adopt to hamper Indian Foreign Policy in the region; especially how Pakistan would be able to counter Indo-Afghan close nexus.