Socioeconomic Issues Faced by Housemaids in District Hyderabad, Sindh


  • Ghulam Rashid Memon Ph.D Scholar, Pakistan Study Centre, University of Karachi, Karachi.


Female domestic workers, discrimination, job security, legal protection, informal employment


Women's rights are essential to all major religions as well as to international and state legal systems. Due to the recent increase in awareness, women are now highly concerned about their rights and status in society. In the pretext of women's empowerment, the dispensation of the right of inheritance always remains significant. In Pakistan, women are not denied their rights, but there is a certain predicament that detains them to claim. The constitution of Pakistan and Islamic sharia laws, though, guarantee women’s rights without any discrimination but few determinants are depriving them of such privilege. Although the denial of this right cuts across the whole country, this paper explores the choices and challenges of women in Lahore. The inferences of this study will help to ascertain the possible reasons among women for surrendering this right.