How Pakistanis Cope with Stress?


  • Waqar Husain
  • Amir Gulzar
  • Shanza Tofail


The current study is intended to investigate how Pakistanis cope with stress. The inquiry included 500 conveniently selected Pakistanis from five major cities. A specific open-ended questionnaire was designed to record the commonly used strategies to cope with stress in a prioritized order. The findings revealed 18 strategies commonly used in the country to cope with stress. These included discussing stress with others, analyzing stress and planning to reduce, getting involved in self-destruction, performing religious practices, watching TV, listening to music, falling asleep, walking, taking food, playing games, driving, reading or writing, smoking, using internet, shopping, getting involved in different hobbies, performing sexual activities, and dancing. The study, after providing a detailed analysis on the found strategies, concluded that Pakistanis mostly apply constructive and positive means to cope with stress; hence taking professional advice on stress management is still not a choice for them