Environmental Changes and their Impact on Agricultural Communities of Sindh: An Ecofeminist Perspective


  • Erum Muzaffar


Environmental degradation is one among the major issues threatening Pakistan. Pakistan is third most affected country by climate change after Haiti and Philippines. Along with climatic changes, human activities like ruthless urbanization, deforestation, desertification and massive development projects are also deteriorating the environment. Cyclones, drought, floods, heavy rainfall and extreme heat wave had badly affected the province of Sindh in past few years. The poor population of Sindh has been bearing the burden of natural calamities severely. Among poorest of the poor are women with multiplied miseries. Women in rural Sindh are closely associated with agriculture, playing an important role in national GDP. A woman selects, prepares, distributes and preserves food. Her role is important in farms as she is also involved in food selection, preparation, distribution and preservation. So agriculture degradation which is the result of environmental changes, has been negatively affecting the women. Women‘s vulnerability has been multiplied, as in many cases their livelihood is dependent on agriculture. The research article is an attempt to highlight the environmental issues from ecofeminist perspective—the idea that ecological destruction has its origin in patriarchy. Ecological destruction and gender inequality can be traced in our society where male are not only destroying ecosystem but also controlling the females