Legislation and its Effectiveness to Manage Women Domestic Abuse in Pakistan


  • Shehzadi Zamurrad Awan


The patriarchal mind set of Pakistani society originates from customary practices and cultural norms, which led to the male dominance over their women folk. This dominance has created rifts and tensions, in the overall structure of families and consequently it leads to women abuse in its various forms. Despite of various legislative measures to discourage domestic abuse/violence, the State has remained unsuccessful to minimize this menace, as these measures remained in theory and only little practical implementation could take place. The abuse against women takes its worst shape amongst the lower class where they are deprived of basic education, outward mobility and awareness of their rights. However, education, civil society organizations and print/electronic media, as the agents of modernization, has contributed by bringing consciousness among the women, regarding their rights in society. However, it is pertinent to mention that the issue of domestic abuse can only be tackled if women are provided with equal opportunities of education and jobs, so that the prevalent mindset of the society could be reformed. It is after these measures, that the women will be able to play an effective role, as an equal partner with men, in the developmental process of the Pakistani society.