Kamal Ahmad Rizvi as a Dramatist


  • Shabih ul-Hasnain Kazmi


Kamal Ahmed Rizvi (1930-2015) is among the very first people to give credence to Pakistan Television Urdu drama. He is one of the first rate and accomplished dramatists, director, actor, as well as a visualizer. In the world of drama he has a very versatile presence. He is also one of the first persons to affect the transition of the Urdu drama from stage to television, as such, he is an indelible name in the history of our art and theatre. Whenever Pakistan Television drama is mentioned, his name can never be omitted; or if its history is written, it shall be incomplete without reference to him. If Kamal Ahmad Rizvi is called an institution by himself, it shall not be wrong, because he is a creative writer, a translator, a director and a producer; and until now there has been no other individual with like qualities in the history of Pakistan Television, and this is his mark of distinction. ______