Tribute Dr Abdul Haque Khan Hasrat Kasganjvi


  • Syed Munir Wasti


The death of Dr Hasrat Kasganjvi received little public notice or press attention. His life is an example for those who are easily disheartened by difficulties. At the time of Independence, Dr Hasrat was only 10 years old and he and his family faced tremendous hardships. These did not daunt him although he was at such a tender age. Settling in Hyderabad [Sindh] with his family and working hard to support his siblings, Dr Hasrat was able to pass the examination of MA [Urdu], MA [English], LLB and finally Ph.D. [Urdu]. A person of lesser ability and lesser courage would never have been able to reach these academic heights. Dr Hasrat was a prolife writer and produced in his creative phase poems, novels and short stories. These reflect the harsh realities of life and are, no doubt, based on personal experience. The