The Need of Efficient Water Management in Pakistan


  • Bashir Ahmad
  • Maawra Salam


Water is a sign of life, all living beings need it to remain alive. It is natural commodity and three fourth of this planet is water. Still not all is suitable for human consumption and sufficient to meet the ever increasing demands. Availability and supply of water is getting scarce with increasing population of states especially the developing societies. If we look at the history of life on this planet, we find that the humanity has suffered disasters on acquisition and possession of natural resources which are vital for survival of one group, may be at the cost of others. Water falls in that category where if not properly managed its scarcity and stress would lead to unending conflicts and wars till demands equals the supply with the destruction of extra consumptions. Solution to the disastrous situation is in efficient management of water. The efficient and effective management combines awareness and justified storage and distribution of water by the states within their domains. Modern technology and management provides solutions for this efficient management of water by the states. ______