Comparative Analysis of Municipal Powers in Karachi


  • Rashid Jamal


This study aims to draw a comparative analysis of the powers of local governments in Karachi. The subject of local government structure and its authority has become more important in the current local scenario. The findings of the study reveal that in past successive civilian governments in Pakistan did not pay attention to developing a solid local government system and instead preferred controlling districts and tehsils through the bureaucracy, with the absence of democracy and accountability at the local level. Instead of using this third tier of the government for the delivery of swift and better municipal services, they always made an effort to keep them weakened through legislation at different levels. The situation has now got worst in the biggest city and economic hub of Pakistan where people are deprived of basic facilities due to a handicapped system. The Mayor of the biggest city of Pakistan felt powerless as the provincial government through the Sindh Local Government Act 2013 deprived the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation of its main functions. The local bodies will have to be given the authority and essential powers. Only then these institutions can be made capable of providing basic services to the people.