The Role of Baloch in Restoration of Mughal Dynasty


  • Muhammad Arif Muhammad Arif is a visiting faculty at Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, and Ph.D. Research Scholar.


Mir Chakar Rind, Mir Shahdad, Sargodha, Mughal Empire, Suri Dynasty, Iran, Lashari


This paper insights, the immutable role of Baloch helping the second Mughal Emperor of India, Humayun, to restore his dynasty in 1555 which he had lost at the hand of Sher Shah Suri after having been defeated in the battle of Qanuaj in 1540. The main role from Baloch in the war was played by Mir Shahdad Rind, who converted his effusion into an elegy about the famous war which was fought in India against Suri Empire in 1555. After having remained successful in war, in favor of Humayun, many Baloch, who had participated in the war in person in support of Humayun, decided to dwell in India and received dwellings from the Emperor Humayun as a reward for being solidly behind him on his trying circumstances when he had been in the extreme need of such support for recouping his lost throne of India which had been instituted by his beloved father Zaheer-Ud-din Babur.

The paper also highlights various controversies related to the role the Baloch with reference to their assistance to the Mughal Emperor, Humayun, for the restoration of his throne. In conclusion, the paper analyzes the everlasting impact of the Baloch tribes’ help to the Mughal ruler for the restoration of his rule in India, and at the same time emphasizes upon as to why their contributions have not been properly given space in the history text books.