Pakistan-China Relations under the Shadow of Neo-Realism


  • Mirwais Kasi


Pakistan-China friendship has nothing in common in terms of history, language, ethnicity, culture or ideology, yet their nexus is being considered as deeply rooted and time-tested which has developed into a comprehensive strategic partnership. Pakistan-China partnership has remained sustained and unaffected during changes of leadership, political system and variations in regional and international politics. Both states have developed an ideal state-to-state relationship based on complete trust. They have been steadfast friends who have supported each other through thick and thin. The hallmark of these bilateral ties is that both states, existing under an anarchic order, framed their partnership in accordance with neo-realism, with the objective of achieving maximum advantage to assure their security interests. Their multi-dimensional cooperation, having wide-ranging connotations, is based on the principle of respect and equality. This article explores how Pakistan and China have been securing their self-interests through their bilateral partnership.