Buy or Make: Strategies to Promote Localization


  • Adnan Riaz
  • Hafiz Muhammad Ishaq


This study attempts to examine Saudization policy by considering various efforts made in this regard from different quarters and the constraints hindering the whole process. Although skill deficiencies, lack of qualification, disciplinary issues, attitudinal problems and some other factors hampered the implementation of localization policy, but the government made significant efforts to address these challenges. The author provides key insight into some of the critical issues which need to be addressed as well as some key initiatives which should be taken to augment the whole process. Among them motivating students towards upgrading their skills and education is of prime importance. The government should further strengthen the ties between universities and industries. Proper management and documentation of existing knowledge is required which is possessed by expatriates. The government may provide incentives to foreign executives working at key positions to acknowledge their keen efforts in making locals at par to international standards. Lastly, glorifying role models and training of opinion leaders may also accelerate the whole process. ______